Information for Participants


1) NZ residents who have viewed a health-related crowdfunding page sometime in the last year. For a 10-15 minute survey about your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and decisions, when engaging with the campaign: you can jump straight in and do the survey here.

2) Transgender and gender diverse people living in NZ, who have used crowdfunding to fundraise for medical transition services (or considered it), or who have viewed other people’s campaigns and donated (or considered donating).

For an online focus group discussing your perspectives on crowdfunding for medical transition. More info via this video.

For a case study following your experiences with the campaign (over 2-6 months), including two semi-structured interviews, and a diary-style method of keeping track of happenings with the campaign.

3) Parents or caregivers, who are the organiser of a (NZ-based) crowdfunding campaign for the health-related needs of an infant
For a semi-structured interview of aprox. 1 hour, about your experiences and decisions in running the campaign, with a focus on the role of images or photographs.

*Please get in touch if you fit the above criteria and might be interested in taking part in the research via a case study or interview


When you contact us via email, to say you might be interested in taking part, we will check you fit the criteria of the study (and may ask a couple of quick questions to check this). You can ask us any questions you have, too.

We will then provide you with the full participant information sheet, and a consent form. These documents make clear what the research involves, how and where we will use your data, and what your rights are (e.g. you can skip questions, change your mind, or pull out at any point; you will be kept anonymous). Again, you can ask us any questions you like about these documents.

If you decide you are keen we will make a time to connect with you, that is as convenient as possible. Interviews can be done on the phone, or via Skype or Zoom, and sometimes in person, based on your preferences and your location relative to the researchers.

Note: Our style of ‘semi-structured’ interviewing is conversational and relaxed; we will have some questions and prompts pre-planned, but mostly we just want to hear your stories and experiences. There are no wrong answers and you can decide what you want to share.


Our team is based at the University of Otago. You can check out a bit more info about the researchers on our team here. We are all trained in sensitive and safe interviewing techniques, and the project has been approved by Otago’s ethics board (see here).

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